Miraculous Anniversary

A year ago today, September 1st the pilot episode of Miraculous Ladybug aired in South Korea. Since then, it has spread around the world and delighted audiences. Many people young and old have fallen in love with the cute French tv show created by Thomas Astruc.

Picture by mangomomm.tumblr.com/

The story of the show is about a 14 year old named Marinette who was chosen to possess a magical item called a Miraculous which grants the wielder superpowers. While Marinette is a klutz, her alter ego, Ladybug, is a celebrated superhero who saves the day with her partner Chat Noir. Although, when he isn’t making puns and defeating bad guys, he is a famous model named Adrien Agreste.

Picture edit by ohagreste.tumblr.com


picture by asobou4u.tumblr.com/


The story explores these two juggling with their personal life, like crushes, homework, family obligations, and their alter egos which involve press conferences, stopping evil, and saving the day. And, just like all good shows, chaos ensues shortly after.

While it is a fairly simplistic story line, it has captured the attention of many artists and writers. Even though the season is over, fans have picked up where it has left off with creating stories, art, comics, and even videos. The surge of support for this multicultural cartoon has been nothing short of staggering.

What started as a little french cartoon teaming up with Korea has now expanded to over 50 different nations, has been approved for a second and third season, is being considered for a live action adaption.

With a female lead saving the day, and many different cultures and ideas being introduced, People are hoping that this kids show can change the way people look at superheroes forever. 

So happy anniversary, Miraculous Ladybug!tumblr_static_cutviy04f8ggsw0cg8wkoscgs



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