Famous for 15 Minutes, a geek’s journey.

While I mentioned earlier that Comicon was occuring, I never actually said much about what happened at Salt Lake Comic Con. For the first two days I attended panels and walked around the convention floor, buying half my weight in posters for my bare apartment and getting hugged by fans of Miraculous Ladybug for my Marinette cosplay. I worked Saturday for this amazing company called Damsels in this Dress, an adorable corset company which is run by one of the kindest ladies I know. So, I offered to help on Saturday’s comic con. It was crazy and hectic, and I loved it! It was so fast paced and there were many wonderful people.It was amazing to help people feel beautiful! So many ladies have low self esteem, and something about wearing the right corset just bumps up their mood, whether or not the take it to own, they leave knowing that they look good.

Anyhow, a lady with purple hair and a t-rex costume comes in, and I told her flat out that I was putting her in a corset. (one of the ladies helping to run the booth told me that I was fulfilling her dream by corseting one) I had to get one that was a bit big so that her costume would still inflate while there was a crowd surrounding us, taking pictures. I don’t know how many people got pictures or videos, but there were so many people and phones. thankfully, the ladies at the Damsel’s booth managed to snap this picture for me(before the crowd had gathered) and posted it on facebook.

This isn’t my fifteen minute of fame story, however. I took the picture and reposted it on tumblr, tagging damsels to it with a small caption about my time at Salt Lake Comic Con. I was expecting maybe 5 notes (kinda like the ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ on facebook and twitter) since I’m not big or important on tumblr, yet I log in the next morning and find that my activity has exploded. The picture had gotten over 200 notes overnight. I was startled. I never expected or even dreamed that anything I posted would get over 50 notes, much less 200! I watched over the next day or two as it kept rising and people commented on it. It was cool, and I was floored. I wish I had given more credit to Damsels, because I thought just a tag would be good enough, but as it circuited through tumblr that was evidently not the case.

Well, my fifteen minutes of fame has petered out. The post has capped around 700 notes, which is an amazing amount. Some may think that it’s not a lot, but it’s a lot for me.

I guess you can get a lot from tagging ‘dino’ and ‘corset’ to your post.

For more info and fun geeky stuff, follow me at https://lastoftheorder.tumblr.com/

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