Stranger Things


This new Netflix original series has become an almost instant hit for geeks and horror fans everywhere. Created by the Duffer brothers, this show has gotten 4/5 stars on common sense media, and 95% on rotten tomatoes. According to Tech Times,  Netflix’s stranger things is the most popular digital series.

The story is about a young boy, Will, who suddenly dissappears from a quiet town around the same time a young girl with buzzed hair  appears. Will’s friends team up with her as they try to find their friend, while the boy’s mother is desperate to find ways to communicate with her lost son, and Will’s brother tries to find clues linking to Will’s disappearance. Things just grown stranger and stranger as they unlock a government conspiracy, monsters, telekinesis, and many more odd occurrences in the formerly sleepy town.

This show is unique for its classic 80’s feel and for its twist on horror stories. Besides taking place in the 80’s, this show features many of the pop songs from that era and many references. *

Stranger things has been approved for a season 2, and rather than a traditional season 2, it has been suggested that it will be a sequel picking up a different story with some similar threads.  It’s going to pick up about a year after the original events and explore repercussions of the first season, as well as introducing some new characters *

Watch the New Season 2 Trailer for stranger things here.


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