1 Year of Undertale

A year ago today there was a phenomenal surge of popularity for video game Undertale. The game was created by Toby Fox, a recording artist who also helped with the popular webcomic Homestuck. header

Now this popular video game is celebrating it’s first year of being out.

The story is about a young, androgynous character named Frisk who finds themselves in a sort of underworld dimension where they are met by a shifty flower who explains how to get ” in this world (spoiler, those aren’t experience points) You then go through this delightfully crafted world interacting with the different people there and choosing what your relationship with them is like. Do you fight, or befriend?

The ending of the game is dependent on how you play. Were you a Pacifist that refused to harm anyone? Or did you commit mass genocide? Or were you somewhere in between? You can replay again and again, but some decisions have permanent repercussions no matter how many times you replay it.

Image result for undertale

There are some great original characters that have won over the hearts of many. There are countless redrawings,

Comicon Cosplayer as Undyne

cosplays, comics, and fanfictions about these lovable icons.


Another great aspect of this Video game is the original music. A fan favorite song is Megalovania, which can only be uncovered by playing the game a certain way (or looking it up on youtube)  All tracks were composed by Toby Fox, the creator of the game, and recorded in FL studio.

If you are interested in watching trailers, playing the game (either full or demo version) or getting the playlist, you can find out more on their official website



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