Anime Bonzai is coming up this month, and to celebrate, here are the 5 anime’s you need to see if you want to be familiar with the anime world.

  1. Pokemon. This show is a kid’s favorite, and likely the first anime any kid was introduced to. It’s about a young boy named Ash and his two friends traveling the world to find magical creatures called Pokemon that can battle against each other.pokemon-black-white-tv-show
  2. Attack on Titan. This is a newer show became almost an instant hit when it came out. The story is about a young man who watched his town destroyed by the Titans, giant  creatures that devour humans, and later finds he can become one. The story shows humanity’s struggle to hold the final bastion between them and total annihilation.654681f8eefdc13ad8dee196ff2a74f71366329524_full
  3.  Ouran High School Host Club. This lighthearted show is about a young girl in lower class who gets confused as a young man by the popular rich kids, who force her to join their club. The show follows the shenanigans of this club as you learn about each of their unique personalities. otheranimepictures050
  4. Sailor Moon. This is a class anime was one of the first ones popular in America. Make certain your careful which version you watch, because some versions are very adult. This anime also inspired a whole new style of anime called “Magical Girl”, where girls can transform into super heroes. Sailor Moon follows a middle schooler who meets a magical cat that gives her a broach that helps her save the world from evil.sm_600x338v2
  5. Death Note. Although this anime gets very silly at some point, it has quite a dark theme. A boy gets the power to decide who lives and who dies, and decides that all criminals should die. He soon becomes drunk with power and starts killing off even petty criminals and anyone who he believes to be a threat. People start becoming suspicious of him, and soon it becomes a battle of wits. dfa08e0e07877a9f94815e5536a8d08fThere are hundreds of animes out in the world, but these should be able to get you through a convention center without too much trouble. If you’re already an anime fans and familiar with these titles, I would recommend Blue Exorcist, Vampire Princess Miyou, Oh My Goddess, Record of Lodoss War, Gunbuster, and Black Cat

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