Haunted Etiquette

Halloween is a great time to visit haunted houses. Some people want a scarier experience, and some want to get through without having a heart attack. Being an avid fan of horror myself, I know the tips and tricks to get you through with the maximum enjoyment.

Before we begin, here are some common courtesies to keep in mind.

DON’T: touch actors, stay on your phone, turn on flashlights, take pictures of actors inside the house, throw things at actors, insult actors, and purposely go off paths.

DO: stay a good distance behind the group in front and ahead of the group behind you and show reactions!


You want it scarier? Here are some tips:

React. Even if it didn’t quite scare you, actors will start to play and mess with you more. If they feel like their getting something from you, they perform better in the long run.

Go in a small group.- more people means that the actors will save some of their scares to keep it fresh for the middle of the group. With smaller groups, they can bring their scares all at once.

Don’t linger- go through everything quickly (not too fast though) the longer you stay, the more the magic wears out. You realize that the girl in the saw isn’t actually being cut in half, or the clown chasing you can’t touch you.

Be either at the beginning or the end of your group- At the beginning, you get to see the most jumps. When you’re at the end, you get the actors chasing you or following behind.

You want it less scary? Here are some tips:

Make jokes- Humor ruins horror. If you start dancing in the strobe light, you will find you’re less scared and the actor will be a bit confused.  This is better than not reacting at all because it still leaves the actor satisfied, and you still got to enjoyment out of it.

Slow down- While your instinct is to run, if you do that your mind will fill in the blanks with something much scarier than the reality.

Go in a larger group- don’t make it ridiculously large, otherwise you will exhaust and piss off the actors, but make it a decent sized group.

With these tips, this should help you through this October season by getting the most out of haunted houses.


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