The Walking Deaths

For those of you who tuned in Sunday night to see the premier of season 7 of the walking dead, the questions that has lasted for eight months is finally revealed- Who died in the walking dead?

For those of you who didn’t see it- two people were killed. Abraham was chosen from eenie meenie miney moe, and after Daryll struck out at Negan, the wrath was pointed to poor Glenn. Having two major deaths in one episodes was brutal.

In the Talking Dead show afterwards, the host himself started cussing and was shown to be shaking. Many of the cast members were upset over the death and on the verge of tears. The majority of tears came for the character Glenn, a fan favorite for a long time.

However, Steven Yuen didn’t regret the death of Glenn Rhee in the show. He said that it was such a defining moment in the comics, he didn’t want it to go to anyone else. it was difficult for him to lie to everyone while waiting, so he chose to be silent rather than continue lying about one of the greatest cliffhangers in tv history. He said he was grateful for his wife was able to be with him through all of it.

The cast also reminisced their favorite moments with him. Andrew Lincoln talked about how Steven would make jokes with any animals, and how he could make anything funny. Lauren Cohan said she knew Steven was going to be her buddy when he first walked in, and they would often do improve before doing scenes.

The fans of walking dead will certainly miss the character of Glenn Rhee. he was there from the beginning, and he will still likely be the heart of the show until ends.


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