Utah Winter Faire

In the not so exotic, not so distant land of Ogden, Utah comes a festival that really catches the spirit of geekiness and christmas. Winter Fair is a renaissance, steampunk, fantasy convention perfect for winter.

From Victorian dancing to fights with full suits of armer, it specializes in pleasing eclectic geeky tastes. Who doesn’t like lightsabers and swords in the same setting?

Are you sick of taking your child to overcrowded malls to sit on Santa’s knee? Take them to winter faire and have them meet Steampunk Santa. Or they can sit with mermaids or find treasures and quests. If you’re sick of the average winter festival, this is a small but fun fair that has a wide variety of entertainment.

I personally have gone to this every year since it started. There’s just something magical about pulling out my favorite corset and a bustled skirt, and lacing up my boots and straightening my top hat to walk with other similarly dressed people while shopping for gifts for friends and families. There’s so many fun activities, like dancing or decorating a steampunk Christmas tree. There’s always something new to try and friends to make.

To find out more, go to http://www.utahwinterfaire.com/. It goes through December 2-4.


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