Super Powers Spider-Man Could have had

Image result for spiderman with spiders

I recently watched Spider-man; Homecoming. It was a great movie and I quite enjoyed it, but it got be wondering about Spider-man’s powers. Marvel isn’t exactly known for their scientific accuracy, such as having talking raccoons, magical infinity stones, and natural cryogenic suspension, so I researched a bit about Spider-man’s powers and most of them aren’t very realistic. So here’s a list of spider skills that Spider-man should have, rather than his classic set of skills.

As a warning, this list contains minor spoilers for Spiderman; homecoming, so if you haven’t seen it, consider yourself warned.


  1. Being able to jump 50x his own height (around 250 feet). This skill comes specifically from certain species of jumping spiders, and would probably make scaling the Washington Monument a lot easier.
  2. Tarantulas are able to fling tiny hairs out when under distress, which irritates the skin. Imagine Peter Parker accidently letting this little power through when Flash is bullying him!
  3. Spider venom can be very powerful, with a black widow’s venom being 15x more powerful than a rattlesnake. If Peter made venom proportionate to his side, his instant-death mode may just mean he bites the baddies and leaves them for dead.
  4. Falling into the ocean may not have been as big of a worry as feared. Spiders can do just fine in low oxygen conditions, and diving spiders can last a day without needing to come up for air due to being able to create an oxygen bubble around themselves. I’m certain a day would have been plenty of time for Peter to find a way out of his parachute.
  5. Marvel’s greatest speedster could be Spider-man if he was granted the speed of a wolf spider, which can run up to 2 feet per second or 1.4 Miles per hour. That may not seem like much, but once scaled up to human size (the wolf spider being less than an inch long and the average human male being 69 inches long) that’s over 80 miles per hour.


These are just some of the many interesting powers that Spider-man could have had if he was more scientifically accurate, but let’s be grateful he wasn’t so we don’t have to deal with cannibalism.


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