Super Powers Spider-Man Could have had

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I recently watched Spider-man; Homecoming. It was a great movie and I quite enjoyed it, but it got be wondering about Spider-man’s powers. Marvel isn’t exactly known for their scientific accuracy, such as having talking raccoons, magical infinity stones, and natural cryogenic suspension, so I researched a bit about Spider-man’s powers and most of them aren’t very realistic. So here’s a list of spider skills that Spider-man should have, rather than his classic set of skills.

As a warning, this list contains minor spoilers for Spiderman; homecoming, so if you haven’t seen it, consider yourself warned.


  1. Being able to jump 50x his own height (around 250 feet). This skill comes specifically from certain species of jumping spiders, and would probably make scaling the Washington Monument a lot easier.
  2. Tarantulas are able to fling tiny hairs out when under distress, which irritates the skin. Imagine Peter Parker accidently letting this little power through when Flash is bullying him!
  3. Spider venom can be very powerful, with a black widow’s venom being 15x more powerful than a rattlesnake. If Peter made venom proportionate to his side, his instant-death mode may just mean he bites the baddies and leaves them for dead.
  4. Falling into the ocean may not have been as big of a worry as feared. Spiders can do just fine in low oxygen conditions, and diving spiders can last a day without needing to come up for air due to being able to create an oxygen bubble around themselves. I’m certain a day would have been plenty of time for Peter to find a way out of his parachute.
  5. Marvel’s greatest speedster could be Spider-man if he was granted the speed of a wolf spider, which can run up to 2 feet per second or 1.4 Miles per hour. That may not seem like much, but once scaled up to human size (the wolf spider being less than an inch long and the average human male being 69 inches long) that’s over 80 miles per hour.


These are just some of the many interesting powers that Spider-man could have had if he was more scientifically accurate, but let’s be grateful he wasn’t so we don’t have to deal with cannibalism.

Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo Recently announced a new Metroid game for their nintendo switch device. With roughly 12 previously existing titles, with only a handful being part of the main storyline, fans are excited to see this new game.

One of the coolest parts of the history of metroid is the sudden reveal that the main protagonist was female, which was mostly unheard of in the video game industry at that time. Now Samus has become a regular part of gaming history and is a well loved character.

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Metroid Prime 4 yet, and fans shouldn’t expect it to come out any time soon. The teaser trailer released in E3 was just a teaser, without much information behind it, but at least it gives fans something to speculate on for a while to come.

Let’s hope Metroid Prime 4 plays as well as Breath of the Wild upon its release!SI_NDS_MetroidPrimeHunters.jpg

Why Zombies are the Wrong Word for the Popular Horror Icons.

Zombies have been a popular trend for a while, resulting in a lot of media featuring the ‘living dead’. From fun runs to television shows, they have infected the world almost as quickly as a real virus might have, but is media really giving Zombies a proper name?

When most people hear the word Zombie, they think of a half rotted corpse getting up and wandering around, preying upon living flesh to devour and spread their infection. However, this is not what the word meant originally. The word Zombie comes from Haiti, and it was used to describe a form of slavery where their spirit was trapped in their body, but their body was not theirs to control. The world slowly evolved to mean any corpse reanimated to carry out the will of their master.

The first movie to use zombies was Bela Lugosi’s White Zombie, where zombies were people who took a potion and fell under a trance. It followed the older zombie lore which was closely tied to voodoo and slavery. The second prominent film to involve the undead was Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, however the flesh eating creatures were known as ghouls. Ten years later, Romero’s Dawn of the Dead actually used the term zombies to describe the horrifying creatures. This created a huge shift in the understanding of what zombies were, leading to the popular term of ‘zombies’ to ingrain itself in western culture as an undead creature that eats human flesh.

As it happens, Romero’s Night of the Living Dead was closer to the mark  when it came to ancient folklore. Ghouls have been forgotten in much of pop culture today, (excepting a few exceptions, such as being featured in the CW’s Supernatural and in Dungeons and Dragons Manuals) but they were the original flesh-eating undead horror to terrify children and adults at night.

Ghouls are undead creatures, once thought of to be human, but were stricken with a curse to make them devour human flesh, both living and dead, and has a chance of infecting the living with their terrible curse. When looking strictly at folklore, ghouls seem to fit the bill as the horror icon western society has become familiar with today, but does this mean that the word ‘zombie’ should be replaced with ghoul? Probably not, since the human language is in constant flux, and words can change meaning all of the time. It’s just nice to know the history and origins of some of these words, after all, there are still classic zombie references used today, such as a mixture of all the sodas in the fountain.


Banjo Kazooie


The banjo Kazooie franchise has been around since 1998 with their first game, Banjo Kazooie. Since then, it has had 2 sequels, 1 racing game, and 1 prequel (?). A great thing about the franchise is it never takes itself too seriously, with witty dialog, fourth wall breaks, and encouraging cheating. While they never became as popular or as well-known as Mario, the bear and bird are remembered fondly as a classic N64 game.

The first game is arguably the best game. It’s simple, straightforward, and created the most memorable characters that returned in the franchise (except for Banjo’s sister Tootie, apparently). Known for its collect-a-thon style of play, the gamer must complete a series of tasks at their own pace to collect Jiggys, the only way to unlock new worlds to explore. Each world also has 5 jinjos, helpless creatures trapped in the worlds and bKACwaiting to be rescued, and once they are all freed the player is rewarded with yet another jiggy. There are also honeycombs, musical notes, eggs, feathers, extra life tokens, and other odds and ends waiting to be gathered. It can be a little frustrating to use some of the mechanics, such as your note count resetting every time you leave a world, but over all it’s a solid game.

The game has several false endings, such as the part where the player completes the main objective and saves Banjo’s sister Tootie from the evil witch, the part where the BKAC2player actually defeats the witch, and finding. ever. single. Jiggy. It still is a great game with a pretty good replay value, and secrets upon secrets like the Stop-and-Swop and hidden cheat codes.


Banjo Tooie comes two years later, and many reviews say it’s a ‘sequel done right’. There are new moves, new characters, new worlds, but still keeps the same light, adventurous tone. The game makers cleaned up the resetting note count mechanic, and also included different types of notes to grab. banjotooie

You start the game off with all of your old moves, so it really feels like a follow-up closely after the old one. I feel like this game, while a fun sequel to play, lacks a little in story line (as if the first one doesn’t?) and it also feels a little over complicated. If you liked shooting blue eggs in the first one, how about making them obsolete with five other ultra powerful eggs? The game


play just felt a little over complicated by introducing new ways to play. I applaud rareware on trying to reinvent their gameplay style, it just got a bit too busy, and a bit too easy to forget. It was still a solid game, and fun to play, if a little bit crazy.





The most recent installment of the series, which came out almost 10 years ago, was arguably the worst game in the franchise. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts takes the whole series and guts it. A ‘Lord of Games’ comes flying in, forcing Grunty the Witch and Banjo and Kazooie face off one final time, with the loser becoming enslaved in a video game factory. You are completely at the whims of this “LOG” character as he forces you to unlock new worlds to get Jiggys. Here’s the catch: Banjo and Kazooie can do nothing. They can only drive in cars to complete challenges the player must accept before unlocking, very unlike the traditional style of the games. Not only do the characters lose their personalities from the old games, but they are forced to reinvent themselves with every new world the character unlocks. Notes are used as currency, jinjos just want to compete with you, Mumbo no longer uses magic, Humba has been reduced to a token female character, bottles isn’t sassy anymore, jolly rodger is running a black market business, Klungo is a socially awkward good guy, and there still is no Tootie.

After battling in these obnoxious challanges for hours, the player finally gets tnbnoooo fight the witch. Again. Honestly, it would have been much more satisfying if both of them turned on LOG together for forcing them to face off against each other again and again. Instead, it’s the same ‘defeat Grunty, but for how long?’ formula from every other game which leaves the gamer feeling stilted. Sure, they try to do this showy award ceremony with the characters given to them by LOG, who, unless they forgot, was the jerk who forced them in the situation, stripped them off their free will and powers, and ripped them away from their home in Spiral Mountain to fight in a never- ending loop of challenges. Yet this character is deemed as ‘good’ when legitimately no one likes him. vehic

To clarify, it sucked, and this isn’t even getting into the horrible mechanics that send even the most experienced gamer into a fit of frustration. We’re coming up on the 20th anniversary of Banjo Kazooie, and I don’t think Rareware has planned anything, but if they decide to give the Bear and Bird a chance in the spotlight one more time, I hope they don’t mess it up.


Breath of the Wild

The new installment of the Legend of Zelda franchise, Breath of the Wild, which includes a new world to interact with, is a huge hit with many people.

On Metacritic, it scored a 97% and fans adore it, but what makes Breath of the Wild so special?

This game is essentially Legend of Zelda reinventing itself, with a never before seen open air platform with Nintendo games, and an adventure of your choosing.

People have discovered more and more about the game as time goes on, and some of the discoveries add to hilarious youtube videos.

I look forward to seeing more videos coming out of this game, with equal adventure and lightheartedness. I also look forward to playing this game myself soon!

What did you guys think of Breath of the Wild? Leave a comment about what you thought of it!

Utah Winter Faire

In the not so exotic, not so distant land of Ogden, Utah comes a festival that really catches the spirit of geekiness and christmas. Winter Fair is a renaissance, steampunk, fantasy convention perfect for winter.

From Victorian dancing to fights with full suits of armer, it specializes in pleasing eclectic geeky tastes. Who doesn’t like lightsabers and swords in the same setting?

Are you sick of taking your child to overcrowded malls to sit on Santa’s knee? Take them to winter faire and have them meet Steampunk Santa. Or they can sit with mermaids or find treasures and quests. If you’re sick of the average winter festival, this is a small but fun fair that has a wide variety of entertainment.

I personally have gone to this every year since it started. There’s just something magical about pulling out my favorite corset and a bustled skirt, and lacing up my boots and straightening my top hat to walk with other similarly dressed people while shopping for gifts for friends and families. There’s so many fun activities, like dancing or decorating a steampunk Christmas tree. There’s always something new to try and friends to make.

To find out more, go to It goes through December 2-4.

Young Justice Season 3

January 7, 2011 a super hero cartoon premiered on Cartoon Network which wasn’t your average super hero TV show. The heroes were only minor characters in the show- like Teen Titans, it focused on side kicks.

Image result for young justice season 3 premiere datefans will remember the long hiatuses interspersed with the  show, breaking up the story line which made watching it consistently difficult at best, and leading others to drop the show entirely, but show stayed alive through a 2nd season. After the tragic death of one of the characters, the series seemed to end for a while.

But the fans didn’t forget about it. Many fans are excited to see where this new season will take the show. There’s no premiere date yet, but producers promise updates when the season is closer to completion.

The Walking Deaths

For those of you who tuned in Sunday night to see the premier of season 7 of the walking dead, the questions that has lasted for eight months is finally revealed- Who died in the walking dead?

For those of you who didn’t see it- two people were killed. Abraham was chosen from eenie meenie miney moe, and after Daryll struck out at Negan, the wrath was pointed to poor Glenn. Having two major deaths in one episodes was brutal.

In the Talking Dead show afterwards, the host himself started cussing and was shown to be shaking. Many of the cast members were upset over the death and on the verge of tears. The majority of tears came for the character Glenn, a fan favorite for a long time.

However, Steven Yuen didn’t regret the death of Glenn Rhee in the show. He said that it was such a defining moment in the comics, he didn’t want it to go to anyone else. it was difficult for him to lie to everyone while waiting, so he chose to be silent rather than continue lying about one of the greatest cliffhangers in tv history. He said he was grateful for his wife was able to be with him through all of it.

The cast also reminisced their favorite moments with him. Andrew Lincoln talked about how Steven would make jokes with any animals, and how he could make anything funny. Lauren Cohan said she knew Steven was going to be her buddy when he first walked in, and they would often do improve before doing scenes.

The fans of walking dead will certainly miss the character of Glenn Rhee. he was there from the beginning, and he will still likely be the heart of the show until ends.

Haunted Etiquette

Halloween is a great time to visit haunted houses. Some people want a scarier experience, and some want to get through without having a heart attack. Being an avid fan of horror myself, I know the tips and tricks to get you through with the maximum enjoyment.

Before we begin, here are some common courtesies to keep in mind.

DON’T: touch actors, stay on your phone, turn on flashlights, take pictures of actors inside the house, throw things at actors, insult actors, and purposely go off paths.

DO: stay a good distance behind the group in front and ahead of the group behind you and show reactions!


You want it scarier? Here are some tips:

React. Even if it didn’t quite scare you, actors will start to play and mess with you more. If they feel like their getting something from you, they perform better in the long run.

Go in a small group.- more people means that the actors will save some of their scares to keep it fresh for the middle of the group. With smaller groups, they can bring their scares all at once.

Don’t linger- go through everything quickly (not too fast though) the longer you stay, the more the magic wears out. You realize that the girl in the saw isn’t actually being cut in half, or the clown chasing you can’t touch you.

Be either at the beginning or the end of your group- At the beginning, you get to see the most jumps. When you’re at the end, you get the actors chasing you or following behind.

You want it less scary? Here are some tips:

Make jokes- Humor ruins horror. If you start dancing in the strobe light, you will find you’re less scared and the actor will be a bit confused.  This is better than not reacting at all because it still leaves the actor satisfied, and you still got to enjoyment out of it.

Slow down- While your instinct is to run, if you do that your mind will fill in the blanks with something much scarier than the reality.

Go in a larger group- don’t make it ridiculously large, otherwise you will exhaust and piss off the actors, but make it a decent sized group.

With these tips, this should help you through this October season by getting the most out of haunted houses.


Anime Bonzai is coming up this month, and to celebrate, here are the 5 anime’s you need to see if you want to be familiar with the anime world.

  1. Pokemon. This show is a kid’s favorite, and likely the first anime any kid was introduced to. It’s about a young boy named Ash and his two friends traveling the world to find magical creatures called Pokemon that can battle against each other.pokemon-black-white-tv-show
  2. Attack on Titan. This is a newer show became almost an instant hit when it came out. The story is about a young man who watched his town destroyed by the Titans, giant  creatures that devour humans, and later finds he can become one. The story shows humanity’s struggle to hold the final bastion between them and total annihilation.654681f8eefdc13ad8dee196ff2a74f71366329524_full
  3.  Ouran High School Host Club. This lighthearted show is about a young girl in lower class who gets confused as a young man by the popular rich kids, who force her to join their club. The show follows the shenanigans of this club as you learn about each of their unique personalities. otheranimepictures050
  4. Sailor Moon. This is a class anime was one of the first ones popular in America. Make certain your careful which version you watch, because some versions are very adult. This anime also inspired a whole new style of anime called “Magical Girl”, where girls can transform into super heroes. Sailor Moon follows a middle schooler who meets a magical cat that gives her a broach that helps her save the world from evil.sm_600x338v2
  5. Death Note. Although this anime gets very silly at some point, it has quite a dark theme. A boy gets the power to decide who lives and who dies, and decides that all criminals should die. He soon becomes drunk with power and starts killing off even petty criminals and anyone who he believes to be a threat. People start becoming suspicious of him, and soon it becomes a battle of wits. dfa08e0e07877a9f94815e5536a8d08fThere are hundreds of animes out in the world, but these should be able to get you through a convention center without too much trouble. If you’re already an anime fans and familiar with these titles, I would recommend Blue Exorcist, Vampire Princess Miyou, Oh My Goddess, Record of Lodoss War, Gunbuster, and Black Cat